Atlas Fuels Australia is a leading petroleum products distributor and logistics service provider. Since our establishment Atlas has developed an enviable
brand presence and a reputation as a company dedicated to first class customer service. We develop long lasting partnerships based on trust, transparency, dependability, exceptional performance and a can-do attitude. Our ethical, positive and innovative outlook allows us to fulfill the needs of our partners and support their businesses to achieve sustainable growth.


Our values

Atlas Fuel is dedicated to keeping Western Australia’s Primary Sector on the move.


To achieve excellence as a leader in the fuel industry by delivering the most effective solutions to our customers. If you drive, you need fuel; if you fly, you need fuel. Atlas will deliver for you.


Our reputation proceeds us. Since 2010 our company has grown exponentially and gained market presence across the fuel industry. Starting as a fuel retailer, we diversified ourselves into fuel logistics, retail, wholesale and expanding our service station network. Our strength is our willingness to explore creative options for our customers, turning problems into opportunities. Our vision is to drive ethical growth with our business partners and take our place as Australia's preferred fuel supply and logistics brand.


A Positive outlook and innovative approach

Our innovative outlook allows us to solve our customers’ problems and help propel their businesses forward through sustainable efficiency gains, flexibility of approach and a commitment to the highest quality operational performance. We achieve this through our modern fleet of Volvo trucks and a world-class team of industry experts all dedicated to providing a best-in-class service experience.

Our successful approach has enabled Atlas Fuel to grow significantly; allowing us to broaden the services we provide and the number of customers we support. In addition to providing every type of fuel to all industries, we also supply a large range of lubricants for every application.

Atlas Fuel Australia’s enthusiasm and commitment to providing the best standard of service to our customers has created a game-changing logistics business. We support and develop our customers’ operations whilst creating a competitive advantage for them in their specific markets.

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Be a part of the

As distributors, Atlas Fuel has been committed to steadfast service and strong relationships since our inception. With a growing fleet of modern, reliable equipment and industry-leading proprietary logistics software we ensure you always have what you need to get the job done.






98 Octane


95 Pulp

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