Terminal Gate Pricing

The Terminal Gate Pricing (TGP) system was introduced in Western Australia in 2002, replacing the previous Maximum Wholesale Price (MWP). More detailed information can be found on the TGP Information page and the wholesaler obligations page.

TGP arrangements require each terminal operator to notify the Commissioner, via FuelWatch, of their next day’s spot prices by 2pm each day.  The spot price is available the next day from the terminal operators’ nominated time (e.g. 8:30am). Today’s wholesale spot prices are published here on the FuelWatch website and tomorrow’s are available from 2:30pm daily.

Historical Terminal Gate Pricing contains a yearly file of terminal gate prices since 2002, in comma separated value (CSV) format.  The current yearly file is updated each day.

For further information regarding current TGP arrangements for each oil company, please follow the links below. Please be aware that purchases under the TGP are governed by the Petroleum Products Pricing Act 1983 (WA). Accordingly some conditions of sale stipulated by the companies may not apply. For further information, please contact us.

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